Get Into Green

Learn about the natural world and ORNL technology innovations to save energy!


Discover how ORNL uses biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and more to explore our environment and to develop cutting-edge technologies for vehicles, buildings, manufacturing, and the power grid to improve energy efficiency. Visitors will participate in interactive displays that share fun facts showcasing ORNL’s energy and environmental sciences impact.

Mighty microbes

Learn about the importance of microbes and the many roles they play in the environment and human health. Microbes are the most abundant life forms on Earth and live everywhere—from the soil and deep sea to even inside your mouth. Visitors can play with an oversized microscope, rotating through various videos of real microbes.

3D printing: The future is here!

Do you know what these things at ORNL have in common?

  • Shelby Cobra
  • Printed Utility Vehicle
  • Submarine
  • Precast molds for a New York City high rise

They were all created by a 3D printer! Interact with all the materials used in additive manufacturing processes including bamboo, carbon fiber, coal extractions, metal powders, and magnets, just to name a few. Visitors also will see 3D printed objects including a turbine blade, automobile fender, prosthetic, and a robotic arm for underwater exploration. Detailed videos show the process in action and how artificial intelligence makes sure they are all made with 100% accuracy.

Wireless charging: The science of transportation

Through hands on demonstrations and video, learn how vehicles communicate with signals driven by mathematical equations. ORNL research has shown that connected and automated vehicles can reduce fuel consumption, stabilize traffic flow and improve safety.