What’s Your Problem?

Summit supercomputer: Solving complex challenges!

High Performance Computing History

ORNL has been the home of many powerful computing systems. Stroll down memory lane by interacting with touchscreens that explain the influence of three ORNL supercomputers—Phoenix, Jaguar, and Summit. See how technology has improved over time to address scientific problems at faster and faster speeds.

What would you do if there were more of you?

As you tour the mirrored “infinity room,” look around at your reflections and imagine how much you could get done if there were more of you. How fast could you could complete household chores, clean your room, or do your homework if all the “yous” worked together? That’s the basic idea behind ORNL’s Summit supercomputer.

Who doesn’t love a good PArTI?

Come join our PArTI (Parallel Architecture Test Implementation) with a hands-on activity. PArTI is a collection of computers that visually demonstrate how multicore computing works. While operating PArTI, see how parallel computing is like building a house—to get a job done efficiently, workers must carry out different tasks at the same time. Witness first-hand how adding more cores reduces the time PArTI takes to complete complex calculations.

Bright future

The “future room” explores the importance of artificial intelligence (AI). Generally, AI refers to a machine’s ability to “learn” and make decisions by analyzing data.

To see that process in action, compete against a computer in a timed AI game in which you will look at multiple images of Summit and select the one that differs from the others in a matter of seconds. Can you keep up with the computer?

The “What’s Your Problem?” exhibit is the perfect place to learn how today’s supercomputers and other computing resources provide solutions to many of the world’s biggest scientific problems.

Visit the “What’s Your Problem?” exhibit to learn more about how ORNL supercomputer “Titan” helps researchers solve complex scientific challenges!